Ode To The Black Queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race

To the black queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race:

I just wanna thank you

For reminding us that this isn’t ‘RuPaul’s best friend race’

For having the confidence to model a dress made of sponges like it’s million dollar couture

For finding unique ways to showcase our culture, whether it’s sporting a durag train, flying the flag for your native country or sashaying down the runway in a peanut soup can.

Thank you for having the nerve to speak up when judges, rival queens and fans label your drag as ‘ratchet’ or try to reduce your art to harmful racial stereotypes. 

Thank you for turning up to meet and greets, signing autographs and smiling for photos, even when you’ve been overlooked for other, fair skinned queens.

Thank you for continuing to engage with social media in the face of poisonous comments from the toxic members of our community. For creating podcasts, documentaries, comedy specials, music videos. For keeping us entertained during these strange times.

Thank you for using your charisma to produce some of the most unforgettable moments in Drag Race herstory: for the ‘sugar daddy’ monologue in Untucked, stealing the show in the Rusical challenges, for inventing the ‘5 Gs’

Thank you for have the talent to perform stage diving, body-contorting, wig shedding, lightbulb shattering lip-syncs. For showing us how to fight when your back’s against the wall.  

Thank you for being gracious when things don’t go your way, when butterflies or rose petals stopped you from claiming your crown. For dusting yourself off and trying again, for showing commitment to your goals

Thank you for being vulnerable on camera, for sharing your stories of poverty, rejection, bullying, health scares, gender identity, homophobia. For being an example of how to recover from negative experiences and become the fierce queens you are today.

But most of all, thank you for showing us the 48 different ways to be black and queer on television.

We’re all truly grateful

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